Just Getting Started

Its time to get this party started. I built this site to document my many projects and builds, not only as inspiration for others but also so that I can remember how I did it and to learn from my own mistakes. If you are just starting out as a maker you probably have already been discouraged by mistakes you have made. DON’T GIVE UP! We all make mistakes and it is part of the learning process. Sometimes those mistakes turn into new ideas or even blessings.

I have built many different projects and over the years I have found that my biggest challenge is just getting started. I am either afraid to spend the money or to screw it up. Lately a lot of my projects have been for theater where as a builder I must remember the 30 foot rule. It is all about perspective or the big picture. I will use my first build I documented. A DIY teleprompter. Its not pretty but it is functional. Is it something I would sell? No Way! But it is an idea I would share. In theater the 30 foot rule represents the front row. Can the audience see your mistakes from there? probably not. So don’t worry about pleasing others with your projects. It is about what makes you happy and what suits your needs. Nobody sees my teleprompter so I am content to use it for years to come.

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