For several years my wife has been wanting to build window valances using curtains and polystyrene foam. Now that she has her own craft room, she finally dug out the curtains she purchased for the project. I wanted to build something sturdier so I took over the project and made the boxes out of wood instead of the foam.

Want to make this project?

Follow the steps below or watch my video.


Supplies and Tools



Determine your window width. Add at least 2 inches and cut your boards to length. You want to make sure the boxes fit within the 2×4 frame around the window. Next cut 2 blocks per window to give your box depth.



After all your cuts attach blocks to either end of your long boards. Be sure to drill pilot holes for all your screws. You can also use wood glue in addition to the screws but this is not necessary.

Lay your boxes out on the fabric and center it near the bottom. Fold over the material at least 3/4 of the board to cover the back side. Cut the material at least 3 inches past the edge of the board. It is recommended to also add polyfill foam under the board before attaching the material.

Attach the material and foam using a staple gun. Pull the material tight to remove wrinkles and creases.

Trim the excess material and fold over the corners like wrapping a present.

Add hooks for hanging the boxes on the wall. Make sure they are spaced equally on each side so that the box doesn’t hang crooked.



Mark your walls where the screws will go by finding center on the window and the box. Subtract the difference from one side and mark the wall using this measurement. Mark down from the ceiling at the desired height on either side.

Insert screws into your wall at the points marked on the window. Then hang the boxes from the screws.

Great Job!

That was simple wasn’t it? I hope you enjoyed this build and found it useful for you own home.

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