Father’s Day is just around the corner which brings us to the same question we hear every year, What do fathers want for fathers day? Well that can be difficult to answer. It usually comes down to something he can buy for himself or something he knows you cant afford or is too afraid to ask because of the cost. But ultimately dads want either something to show appreciation or something that can be shared as an experience. So here are a few items that can be useful in the shop and around the house as well as be thankful for. All of the items can be found on Amazon or your local hardware store.

label maker

Brother P Touch Label Maker

Price $24.99

Link (Click Here)

Help you dad get organized with this handy label maker from Brother. We all know that dad has bins of screws, fasteners and other misc hardware in the garage. Why not get him a label maker to help figure out whats in each container or bin. Also great for labeling wires behind the computer or TV. Dad will have fun placing labels everywhere. Be careful because they might have too much fun.

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WORKPRO 20-Piece Steel Spring Clamp Set

Price $12.83

Link (Click Here)

It really doesn’t matter what you are using them for, clamps are incredibly useful around the house and garage. I use them around the theater to hold back curtains, and in the studio to hold backdrops and reflectors. They are great for temporarily holding wood together when drilling or glue pieces together.

Hardware Storage

Akro-Mils 10144 D 20-Inch by 16-Inch by 6-1/2-Inch Hardware and Craft Cabinet, Black

Price $29.95

Link (Click Here)

Every dad needs one of these, maybe three or four. And remember that label maker, this would be a great place to use it. We all know that dads don’t throw out any hardware. Even those extra parts from big box store furniture. Keep them organized with one of these hardware cabinets. They will be excited to fill it, even more excited if the kids help sort parts.


Helping Hands Soldering Third Hand Vise PCB Holder with Six Flexible Arms

Price $21.99

Link (Click Here)

This is one item I never thought about getting for the shop but it really does come in handy. It really helps with those small electronics, or repairing jewelry for mom. Add some extra hands for dad to fix those smaller items around the house. I no longer burn my fingers or solder the wire to tweezers when fixing small items.


Folding Sure-Grip Lock Back Utility Knives Multi Pack

Price $29.99

Link (Click Here)

Buy the set, because who doesn’t need more than one. I am always looking for utility knifes around the house and you can never have too many. Dad can keep one in his tool box, one in the junk drawer and one for the truck. These knives have a quick change lock for swapping out the blades. Folds up to secure the blade for safety.

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