Building a Mobile Workbench

After years of rearranging my shop tools around the garage, I have finally decided to build a workbench with my table saw and a miter saw attached. This was surprisingly a difficult build for me. Not because it is complex but more because it forced me to commit to a design. Unknowingly the design actually changed after I initially started because I had to buy a new saw. A disclaimer; this workbench was built for me. It is tall so that I don’t have to bend over to make cuts. Normal table saws and workbenches are just a few inches too short and causes me severe back pain to stand over. You should take your own needs into consideration if you plan to copy this build.

Mobile Workbench with built-in table and mitre saws | 3D Warehouse

The basic design follows this pin I saved from Pinterest. I didn’t follow the design exactly but overall it is very similar. The length of the table was based on plywood I already had available. Using an old 3/4″ ping pong table that was 5×9 feet I cut 36″ sections for the top and bottom. The remaining piece will be installed later as a drop down table leaf. Since the plywood is so sturdy I did not build an apron around the bottom. For the wheels I used Titan 4″ polyurethane swivel casters from Lowes. These were a little pricier than I normally spend on casters but you lock these they will not swivel unlike other casters.

TITAN Casters #4120799LW

Looking back I do regret not buying new plywood. This is some heavy duty stuff but it splintered real easy when cutting or drilling even with tape. This required me to apply a lot of wood filler to the edges and top. I also painted the top to seal the wood from future splintering. My complete build can be seen in this video on my YouTube channel.

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