DIY Kids Lap Desk for the Car

A coworker is getting ready to relocate to the Northwest with her family and is looking for ideas to keep the kids entertained and comfortable on the long trip. For this adventure I thought it would be great to look at ideas for a lap desk that the kids can use to draw, read, or just do simple crafts.

This idea is based on a simple board that we will modify with some extra storage options. The basic design is off this unfinished wood lap desk from Home Depot. For storage and comfort I am going to add a padded box to the bottom and storage bags for pencils, markers or crayons. Inside the box the box I will include a compartment for keeping paper or small snacks.

Houseworks Unfinished Wood Lap Desk
Unfinished Wood Lap Desk from Home Depot

Assorted Pencil Pouches (Affiliate Link)

Other Supplies

1 each 1x12x20 Board

1 each 1x2x8″ Board

2 each Small hinges or 1 piano hinge


Foam pad or pillow stuffing

Felt sheets with adhesive.

How To Video Coming Soon

For the complete build see the how to video on our YouTube page. We hope you enjoy this simple build. If you getting ready for a road trip or just need a simple lap desk then I hope you found this helpful. Links for items in this build are affiliate and help to support this site and the making of future simple builds. If you like the content please consider using the links and also sharing and liking on my social media pages.

Other Suggested items

If your planning on taking a road trip you might consider these other items to help make the trip comfortable. Try this head rest for both kids and adults. The adjustable wings help support your head when sleeping without the need for extra pillows or rolled up blankets. Also try this cargo net for inside the car. Store blankets, or jackets out of the way and give the kids more foot room with easy access if they need something from the overhead storage. And don’t forget about the front seat passengers with a seat pocket caddy to store loose items like your phone, wallet, spare change etc.

Car Seat Headrest from Amazon (affiliate Link)

Cargo Net from Amazon (affiliate Link)

Car Caddy 2 Pack from Amazon (affiliate Link)

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