Haunted Lamp Posts

I normally go big for Halloween, however with the world social distancing it is probably not a good idea to walk a couple hundred kids through a garage haunt. So this year I build some haunted lamp posts to light the way to the candy bowl.

For this project you need

  • Concrete Blocks
  • Garden Posts or Fence Posts
  • Spray Foam
  • Garden Hooks
  • Solar Pathway lights
  • Stiff Craft Wire https://amzn.to/37UBDyf

Cutting 4×4 Posts on Compound Miter Saw

Start by cutting your posts to size. If you are using old wood like me, be sure to leave the dirt and spider webs, it adds to the creepy effect. I cut my posts to 45 inches.

Spraying gap filler foam into blocks to support the posts

Next space out your blocks and insert the posts into the opening. It is a good idea too put the blocks inside a plastic grocery bag to keep the foam from adhering to the driveway or whatever your work surface is.

Cut away excess foam

After a couple of hours you can cut away the excess foam and attach the garden hooks. While the foam was curing I assembled the lights and added creepy cloth.

Removing packaging from the light
Drilling holes for the hanger

After you remove the packaging from the light, carefully drill two holes on opposite sides to attach wire for hanging the light. You can use craft wire or a clothing hanger for this part. Since all of our hangers are plastic, I used wire for hanging heavy photo frames.

Bend the wire to get the shape needed to keep the light from falling in wind and to fit the look you want. This part might take a few tries. If necessary glue the wire into the holes, however keep in mind this might prevent you from opening the lights to turn them off for storage.

Wrap the creepy cloth around the light to give it a mossy look in the night. You can also add other materials to get the scary look you want. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Just make sure whatever you use wont fall off. I attached the creepy cloth with hot glue.

To finish off this project I wrapped fake creeping ivy around the posts and the lights.

Hope you enjoyed this project. Happy Halloween!

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