Building a Battery Charging Case

Hey builders today we have a fun collaboration with my son Andrew making a grab and go battery charging case for his photography equipment and other electronics. As always we hope that this build will inspire something creative for your own needs. Let’s get started.

This simple build requires just a few items.

10 port wall charger
Hard Case
PowerCon Male Connecter
PowerCon Female Connector
Micro USB 5 pk
Lightning USB cables

You will also need a power strip if you plan to have open outlets like we do.

To start this build we had to find the best place to insert the quick disconnect PowerCon plug. We marked the inside of the case and outlined a 3D printed cover for the connection.

Using a 7/8 forstner bit, we drilled out the hole using the marks inside the case as a reference. This created a press fit for the connecter. Be sure to remove the burs and give the hole a little bit of a taper to help ease the plug into place.

After the plug was inserted we began the process of soldering the wires into place. For our build we 3D printed and enclosure and also covered the wires with shrink tubing. Don’t forget to insert the wires into the enclosure and shrink tubing before soldering. Using a little heat from a lighter we shrunk the tubing around the wires creating a secure seal. The enclosure will be hot glued into place.

Next Andrew prepared the wires for installation. When selecting the wires be sure to select shorter cabling to reduce large wire bundles. While he worked on wire management I finished up the tray that we are inserting to hide the cables and mount the batteries on. For our tray we cut it out on the Shapeoko XXL CNC. But you can easily accomplish the same thing with a jigsaw or even using foam core sheets and an Exacto knife.

With a little sanding the shelf fit like a glove. Next Andrew routed the wires through the holes and mounted the chargers using Velcro and adhesive strips. For the complete build be sure to watch the video. If you like this content be sure to like and subscribe so you can be notified when the next build is posted. More content coming soon. Until next time this has been my simple build.

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