Managing my Cables – Every Day Carry

Sometimes when you are on the road, whether it be for work or vacation you need access to different types of cables. I recently took on this problem by assembling an every day carry bag that fits nicely into my luggage or computer bag. In the bag I keep one of each type of cables that supports my cameras, chargers or pretty much any common device. I also keep an HDMI cable to connect to the hotel TV. Oh and by the way this bag includes wireless charging for my phone by either wall power or battery.

I purchased this bag from Amazon from the Jelly Comb Store. There were several to chose from but for my purposes I wanted the orange background to make it easier to see the cables. I will admit that I may need to rethink a few of the cables, or at least find ones that are not so bulky. But for now these work. This particular bag is big enough to also store a 7.9 inch tablet like an iPad Mini or a Kindle. I usually take one with me when I travel so it will fit nicely into one of the zippered areas. The bag includes a pocket, probably meant for the tablet however I made a custom insert to hold my wireless charging plate in place for my phone. I use Anker Powercore Fusion 5000 to charge my devices. This is a great charger because it will charge two devices at once and when done charge itself. When using strictly as a battery I can get 3 full charges of my phone out of it before needing to plug it in again.

About the Charging Plate

To build the charging plate I cut out a design on the CNC/Laser using 1/8 plywood birch. I glued this to a backer and then used double back tape to hold the charger in place. This can be made out of numerous types of materials and you do not need a CNC or laser. I could have just as easily cut it with a scroll saw or even used foam core material and cut it with an Exacto blade. The point is, you do not need the fancy tools I used to make this for yourself.

Tools Used

For this build I used my Shapeoko XXL CNC from Carbide3D and the JTech 7 Watt Pro laser kit from JTech Photonics. These are both great devices and complement my workshop very well. The CNC is like having a second set of hands, or a shop worker. I can usually set it up and work on other things. I do not leave it fully unattended. It does require your attention and you need to able to stop it when things go wrong. The laser is great for engraving, and it can cut thin ply birch but don’t mistake this laser with the more robust CO2 lasers on the market. Also DO NOT leave the laser unattended. You are playing with fire if you do. This is a serious tool and the laser is basically burning the material so keep an eye open. I usually use my laser time to work on designing other projects or sketching up plans for larger builds. Either way I am sitting next to the machine, sometimes for hours since it can take a while to engrave or laser images.

Parts List

Wireless Charger –

Electronics Organizer –

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