Why are rustic flags so popular

Let me first say that there are a lot of crazy talented people making rustic wooden flags. And there are hundreds of possible variations of the flag available on the market. It is very overwhelming to look for a rustic flag and also find the style you like. Builders burn them, distress them, add logos and sayings on them. For me I like a rustic vibe with modern flair. Kind of that high class sleek look with a touch of country. For every beautiful work of art, there is also someone just trying to make a quick buck, and it shows in their product.

When I started making wood products to sell I said I don’t want to be a flag guy. But honestly there is a good market for it. Especially in the veteran community, police officers and fire fighters. I’m really not sure when this trend started, or how long it is going to be around but you can find them a seller in just about every community.

I like to think that these flags are based on patriotism more so than just being trendy. When ever I see one that is high quality I will stop and look, knowing I would never buy one, especially considering some of the prices. But after building for a while I certainly understand why they are so expensive. It takes a lot of work for a good craftsman to make an exceptional product. In addition to the time and resources spent you are also paying for the skill.

They are truly works of art. If you find a good quality flag and the price is between $100 to $300+ then it is probably worth the cost. So why such a price difference, Market and Recognition. A quality craftsman selling for $300+ gets to pick his clients. They have built a reputation and to them the flag means something more than a quick buck. Keep in mind on these prices I am referring to the larger flags around 20×37 inches. The $100+ priced flags, these are probably a new builder trying to make their mark. Their quality is usually high but they are testing the market, selling low just to make sure they get noticed. I guess this is where I fall on this. A lot of these craftsman are veterans themselves and treasure the flag, as much as they treasure the memories of those they have fought beside and those who came before them. Its no secret that most people who buy these flags are usually huge 2A supporters and believe in every word of the constitution.

Maybe this is why many of the people who buy these flags also buy thin red line or blue line versions.

High or Low, You Get What You Pay For

Have you found yourself on Etsy looking at flags or similar products and the price was $300 for one flag but someone else has them for $60? If so zoom in on the $60 one and check out the quality. Often these cheaper ones are slapped together with the cheapest possible wood and zero quality control. This flag is listed for $75, can you spot the mistakes? The stars are upside down.

How about this one, notice the stripes are not even the same length.

Testing the Waters

I have high aspirations for what I can accomplish with this business and as I often say in my videos, I am here to learn and I hope you learn too, even if it is what not to do. I still don’t want to be known as a flag guy, I want my customers to know that I can do so much more, but I decided test the waters to see if I could do it. I made some mistakes, but I also think I did a pretty damn nice job on the ones I have made.

What do you think? If you are interested in having a flag made or any other custom designs please visit my shop or send me a message for requests.

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