Free Art Project

This project was a collaboration with my son Andrew to present a “Meme” with the purpose to freely share the files and process to create your own.

To start this project we printed a lamp housing that is designed to enclose the wires and and give the base a means to screw onto a 1/4 20 thread screw normally found on lighting and camera attachments.

3D Printed Version


The 3D model is designed to embed the nut at the bottom and adhered with glue. CA or Superglue is best. Put a couple of drops of glue around the opening for the nut, then press the nut into place, wipe off excess glue if possible.

Cut off the female end of the extension cord and run the cord from the outside in through the hole on the side of the 3D print. Separate the wires and strip 1/2″ of the insulation off the wire.

Connect the wires to the lamp socket, the neutral wire should have a strip on it or grooves to indicate it. Insert a bulb and plug it in to test it before permanently fitting the socket into the base. WARNING do not touch the wire ends when the lamp is plugged in.

DIAGRAM] Wiring Diagram For Extension Cords FULL Version HD Quality Extension  Cords - RACKDIAGRAM.CULTURACDSPN.IT

The 3D print should be tight enough to press fit the lamp socket into it. It is suggested that you put some glue around it before final fit. Press the lamp socket into place.

Screw the attachment for the gorilla tripod into the bottom of the lamp base then attach to the tripod. Insert light bulb and enjoy.

Parts List

Non 3D Printed Version

You can optionally trim the excess threads of the terminal adapter as we did in the video. Also don’t be afraid to change the design to fit your requirements. You can use whatever parts you can find as long as it is secure and safely encloses the wires.

Thread the Conduit fitting onto the Terminal Adapter. Wrap the lamp socket with electrical tape, make sure you wrap enough enough around to create a snug semi-permanent fit.

Drill a hole in the side of the adapter, make sure you have enough room for the thickness of the plug you will insert in the next step.

Using a hole saw cut a plug into a 1/2″ piece of plywood or other rigid material. It only needs to be rigid enough to not fall out of the adapter.

Drill a hole slightly smaller than the 1/4 nut. Press or hammer the nut into place, making sure it is deep enough into the wood to catch the screw threads from the gorilla tripod adapter. When you are satisfied with the depth remove the nut and put a couple of drops of glue and final fit the nut into place. Allow glue to dry. CA glue with an accelerator is recommended.

Insert the wire into the hole you drilled on the side then return to the steps in the 3D version for wiring the lamp base. After the lamp is wired you can glue the plug into place with hot glue or CA Glue.

Additional Parts

  • 1-1/2″ PCV Non-Metallic Terminal Adapter Click for Link (non 3D version)
  • 1-1/2-in Insulated Bushing Conduit Fittings Click for Link (non 3D version)
  • Electrical tape

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