Doing Is Learning

Here on My Simple Builds the focus is on simple projects that anyone can do. From beginners to experienced craftsman, the goal is to inspire you to be creative. Most importantly it can be done on a budget and often in one day or over a weekend.

We share frequent builds that are simple to do and require basic tools. These projects are designed to make you think outside the big box stores and create cool, useful projects and life hacks to use around your home.

The Builder

Hi there, I’m Brad the guy behind the builds you find on this page. I am dreamer who loves to build the world around me. Most of my builds are for a local theater, designing sets, special effects, props etc. I do a home haunt every year with a different theme which really pushes my imagination. I also build projects for around the house, from furniture to smart home tech and simple life hacks. Almost all of my builds are done on a budget and are usually repeatable by people with any skill level. I am a huge Disney fan so you might see a lot of Disney inspired builds and even some hidden Mickeys.