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Building a Battery Charging Case

Hey builders today we have a fun collaboration with my son Andrew making a grab and go battery charging case for his photography equipment and other electronics. As always we hope that this build will inspire something creative for your own needs. Let’s get started. This simple build requires just a few items. 10 port

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Haunted Lamp Posts

I normally go big for Halloween, however with the world social distancing it is probably not a good idea to walk a couple hundred kids through a garage haunt. So this year I build some haunted lamp posts to light the way to the candy bowl. For this project you need Concrete Blocks Garden Posts

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Build a Power Tool Organizer in under an hour

I am still trying to get the shop organized and like my wife says for every tool I buy that means another cabinet or workbench to store it. I notoriously leave my tools laying around the shop, mainly because I don’t really have a place to store them. In an effort to get the garage

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