My Tool Bench

Below are some of the tools I use. Many have been in my show for years so there is probably an updated or better model available. I am a fan of the Ryobi 18 volt One+line of tools. In the past my tool collection was all over the place. I had different battery chargers everywhere to power them. Over the past couple of years I have started converting to Ryobi because of the one battery solution. Links to the tools are not affiliated so I get nothing for sharing these items.


This is probably my favorite drill. I have two of them in my shop so that I can leave one set up with drill bit and one with a bit for screws. This drill is very well balanced and the LED light hits the mark every time. I have used other brands that the light shines just behind a screw head and is off balanced putting a lot of stress on your wrist.

Jig Saw

This saw was a game changer. I previously used a corded saw which did the job but I was always tripping on the cord or getting it caught on the wood. I have used it on numerous projects from foam to wood and metal. With the right blade it glides through the material and is very easy to manage intricate cuts.

Trim Router

This trim router is the newest addition to my collection. It is lightweight and extremely easy to setup and use. The built in LED is bright and I love that I can use the same battery as my other tools. Honestly I have only used a router a couple of times before purchasing this one so I am learning as we go. Ill update this after I have used it more.