Drop Tiles

This series of 60 coaster sized works entitled “Drop Tiles” By Andrew Sanker with assistance from Bradley Sanker were created with the intent of leaving them around STL for people to find and keep as free art. This piece is heavily inspired by the work of the famous artist Keith Haring. A large portion of his work was made in New York subways and on city walls inherently making them free to view by the public. The Piece “Drop Tiles” takes the idea of making it free in a way one step further by giving them away for free to anyone who finds one.

Process of marking “Drop Tiles

This project all started off as a piece of lauan cut down to size to fit a CNC for cutting. We then loosely painted on different shapes with four different colors to create the texture and background of the finished pieces.

Once we painted both sides (leaving the background only white) we set up the CNC to cut out 30 tiles. We then repeated this process a second time to get 60 total.

Once cut, we set up the laser to engrave a cheeky little figure designed in Adobe Illustrator. additionally we engraved a QR code on the back side to direct anyone who finds this piece in the wild to a google form with a few questions about where they found it and what they plan to do with it. The form also includes a link back to this article.

We then prepped the work for a clear protective coat by sanding them with a belt sander.

After a coat of matte clear Finish spray coating and poly acrylic paint we have a finished work ready to be placed around the city to be found.

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