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Building a Parts drying Rack

In an effort to continue to organize my work space I decided to build a drying rack. I really needed a way to store my projects while they were drying from glue up or paint. I had researched a lot of different options for buying a rack, including bakers racks and backing pans. But these

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How do you support Small Businesses

Ok, I know this is a little self serving but as a small business myself I try to support others small businesses, entrepreneurs, makers and hobbyists as much as possible. Even if it is just sharing their info with others. Its not always cost effective to support small business when I am buying for my

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What I learned about Craft Fairs

Where do I begin. Well lets just say I felt really out of my element at my first craft fair. I have been to many farmers markets, antique malls and road side shops in my lifetime, but craft fairs I have always avoided them. Mainly because I always felt so much pressure from vendors. “Hey

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Drop Tiles

This series of 60 coaster sized works entitled “Drop Tiles” By Andrew Sanker with assistance from Bradley Sanker were created with the intent of leaving them around STL for people to find and keep as free art. This piece is heavily inspired by the work of the famous artist Keith Haring. A large portion of

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Adding Lasers to your tool box

It doesn’t matter if you are a wood worker or fashion designer, adding a laser engraver to your tool chest can increase your capabilities and still be affordable. This post outlines some practical uses and how I entered the laser game. Still trying to find laser head mounts for my shark tank. Also read to

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Free Art Project

This project was a collaboration with my son Andrew to present a “Meme” with the purpose to freely share the files and process to create your own. To start this project we printed a lamp housing that is designed to enclose the wires and and give the base a means to screw onto a 1/4

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Eggs for your bunnies?

I’m excited to add these cute custom eggs to my Etsy shop. A simple way to tag your baskets for years to come. Open Etsy Shop

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Why are rustic flags so popular

Let me first say that there are a lot of crazy talented people making rustic wooden flags. And there are hundreds of possible variations of the flag available on the market. It is very overwhelming to look for a rustic flag and also find the style you like. Builders burn them, distress them, add logos

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To Glue or Not to Glue, That is the Question

Builders know that glue is a necessary evil and sometimes it can seriously slow down a project. In the shop I usually use Titebond Original Wood Glue to assemble projects. Depending on your conditions the amount of time it takes to dry can be the deciding factor on how you assemble. Most builders use additional

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Managing my Cables – Every Day Carry

Sometimes when you are on the road, whether it be for work or vacation you need access to different types of cables. I recently took on this problem by assembling an every day carry bag that fits nicely into my luggage or computer bag. In the bag I keep one of each type of cables

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