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Building a Battery Charging Case

Hey builders today we have a fun collaboration with my son Andrew making a grab and go battery charging case for his photography equipment and other electronics. As always we hope that this build will inspire something creative for your own needs. Let’s get started. This simple build requires just a few items. 10 port

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Haunted Lamp Posts

I normally go big for Halloween, however with the world social distancing it is probably not a good idea to walk a couple hundred kids through a garage haunt. So this year I build some haunted lamp posts to light the way to the candy bowl. For this project you need Concrete Blocks Garden Posts

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Build a Power Tool Organizer in under an hour

I am still trying to get the shop organized and like my wife says for every tool I buy that means another cabinet or workbench to store it. I notoriously leave my tools laying around the shop, mainly because I don’t really have a place to store them. In an effort to get the garage

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Start 3D Printing on a budget

I debated for a long time about getting a 3D printer. There were always questions that prevented me from taking the leap. Would I regularly use it? Will I struggle to learn a new program? Is it worth the cost? Questions like these kept me from purchasing a printer for a very long time. In

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Building a Mobile Workbench

After years of rearranging my shop tools around the garage, I have finally decided to build a workbench with my table saw and a miter saw attached. This was surprisingly a difficult build for me. Not because it is complex but more because it forced me to commit to a design. Unknowingly the design actually

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Father’s Day is just around the corner which brings us to the same question we hear every year, What do fathers want for fathers day? Well that can be difficult to answer. It usually comes down to something he can buy for himself or something he knows you cant afford or is too afraid to


For several years my wife has been wanting to build window valances using curtains and polystyrene foam. Now that she has her own craft room, she finally dug out the curtains she purchased for the project. I wanted to build something sturdier so I took over the project and made the boxes out of wood

Just Getting Started

Its time to get this party started. I built this site to document my many projects and builds, not only as inspiration for others but also so that I can remember how I did it and to learn from my own mistakes. If you are just starting out as a maker you probably have already

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